ADDITIONAL print Charges

Additional charges are applied based on the artwork requirements of the job and the requests of the customer. 


Additional colours can only be added to flat surface products.


If your desired imprint has multiple colors and/or locations, they will require additional setup charges and additional colour charges. This is because when you have your items screen printed, a screen is created for each part of your imprint that’s a different color. This is what we call a Colour Separation. The additional colour charges are for the ink and the setup charges are for the screens and the artwork separations. 

The cost of the setup charge is dependent on the product size and type. You can read more on these setup charge costs in the Setup Charge section of our Guidelines. 

For example: To print the logo below, we'd have to create two screens i.e two setup charges and two additional colour charges. 

Here is the breakdown of the additional colour charges (per colour): 

Frames, notebooks, and other small imprint areas - $60 +tax

Dominoes (per pack) - $380 +tax

Bags  -$120 +tax

Tshirts (pocket) -$120 +tax

Tshirts (back)- $180 +tax


Have a product you want to print on? Bring it in! 

For products to be imprinted on they be inspected and approved by our team. Imprint charges are based on the size and location of the print. 

Imprint Cost A- $100 +tax

Imprint Cost B- $140 +tax

Imprint Cost C- $180 +tax

Imprint costs are also applied to additional prints on another location of an item. For example of the other side of a bag or a separate location on a notebook. These costs are determined by our team. If you would like to know the imprint cost for an item please contact our office. 


Imprint costs on Tshirts are dependent on the location and size of the print. The prices quoted below are for a one colour print. Additional colour costs are provide above. 

Pocket Print- $140 +tax

Chest OR Back Print-$180 +tax 

Pocket AND Back Print- $300 +tax

Chest AND Back Print- $380 +tax

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